Whether you are looking for a premium or economy tyre, or something in between we will have the tyres to meet your needs. Specialising in well regarded brands Kumho, Vredestein and Continental, while winter tyres are also available.

We pride ourselves on giving independent and honest advice, to speak to an advisor about your particular requirements please call 01472 360369 with the size of your tyres:

North Lincs Tyres Grimsby Tyre Size 225/40x18

225 – Width of the tyre in milimetres
40 – Height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of its width
18 – Diameter of the tyre in inches
92 – Maximum load rating of the tyre, especially important for people carriers and 4x4’s.
W – Speed rating of the tyre

The legal requirements for tyres is 1.6mm across ¾ of the tyre and visable tread on the outside edges.

If you are unsure about the legality or remaining life of your tyres please visit our depot for a free tyre check.

Whilst visiting we will also carry out a free pressure check, to ensure your tyres are all running at the correct pressure.  This will increase your fuel economy and extend the life of your tyres.

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